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Precise, Detailed & Accurate

Precise, Detailed & Accurate

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Our Story

Owner operator: Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson has over 30 years of experience in the architectural drafting and design industry. In 2019, he founded The Blind Draftsman, quickly becoming one of the area’s leading home draftsman. Known for his precision, detail, and accuracy, Joel and his team at Blind Draftsman, LLC are dedicated to providing high-quality architectural drafting and design services, project management, and consulting.

At Blind Draftsman, LLC, our mission is simple: deliver top-notch services tailored to each project’s specific needs, ensuring we exceed the expectations of owners, builders, architects, and engineers. With Joel’s expertise, you can trust that your home will be designed to meet all your needs. His project management and consulting services guarantee a smooth process from start to finish.

Joel and his team consistently go above and beyond, no matter how high your expectations. The meticulous work and planning that go into each home are evident even from a drive-by. Every detail, down to the placement of each nail, is executed with care. Additionally, Joel and his team are always quick to respond to any inquiries about your project, ensuring seamless communication and satisfaction.

How Joel Came Up With His Business Name

Back in 2007, just before the recession of 08, we had 2 sister hotels being built in Yuma, Arizona. We had designed the Holiday Inn Express and Candlewood Suites the previous year. Ted, my Architect, was asked to perform a site inspection. We were remarkably busy at that time and Ted asked me if I would do the inspection for him. I had never done a site inspection before, I was nervous, but eager to see how the crews were progressing.

Ted booked a flight for me, scheduled for a couple of weeks out, and sent my travel itinerary to Mike the Project Superintendent. It was all set; Mike was going to pick me up at the airport and I would spend a couple of days in Yuma inspecting.

In my eagerness, I had forgotten that I am afraid of flying!

So, after a week of having nightmares and nerves about the upcoming flight, I finally broke down and asked Ted if I could drive myself to Yuma instead. He said, “That would be fine.” So, I rented a car, packed my bags, and drove down to Yuma.

I got to Yuma a day early, settled in, polished my work boots, and got my plans and specs. ready for the inspection the next day. In the morning I drove over to the job site. I walked over to the job trailer, opened the door, walked in, looked everyone in the eye and proudly introduced myself, “Hi I’m Joel Anderson from Ted Locke’s office, I’m here for the site inspection!”

Mike had a stunned and surprised look on his face, he said, “Oh, man, we thought you were blind!”

After a couple of moments of silence and confusion I said, “Uh, what do you mean?” Mike responded, “I was just getting ready to pick you up at the airport… and we all thought you were blind!”

Still confused and with a matching look on my face, Mike elaborated that Ted had sent him my flight information and they noticed it said Passenger Is Blind. “We were all trying to figure out how you draw plans…and how you were going to inspect the building. We figured you had a Braille CAD system (which does exist, we found out after this event) and that you were going to need help getting around the scaffolding, so you could feel the building! All the crews on site have been waiting for you to get here, so we could see how you do it!”

I was beside myself with the thought of it…. a blind draftsman… coming to inspect the buildings! I told Mike, “If I had known of this miscommunication, I would have shown up with dark sunglasses, a white cane and really played on this.” We all chuckled about this for quite a while. It was a great ice breaker for us, and the inspections went well.

When I got back to the office several days later and I told Ted about what had happened with the “blind draftsman” he quickly erupted with laughter as he “realized” that while he was booking my flight the couple of weeks previous, he remembered his curiosity on the airline’s website, with the “special options” section for passengers. He then looked at my ticket and could see that he had “accidently” selected “Blind.”

I will never know if it was truly an error on Ted’s part or if he had a sneaky sense of humor!
But from then on Ted called me The Blind Draftsman!

Our Services
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Architectural Drafting & Design

House Plans

Permit plan Sets with a tape measure and a calculator

Permit Plans Sets

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Site Plans

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Design Project Managements

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Peter M.
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"It was and still is pleasure to work with Joel. We have a very specific and challenging project. Joel was up for a challenge. He was fast to respond, had fantastic ideas and represented us in front of the town council without any hesitations. We had to change the design multiple times and he was always on a top of it. If you are looking for a good and creative help with your project, Joel is your guy. We are highly recommending him. Thank you Joel for all your help."
James D
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"Joel goes above and beyond! He is very knowledgeable and makes the design process smooth and painless. Highly recommend his services!!"
Sweet & Simple CupcakeryFruita, CO
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"Joel was very professional, great to work with, very efficient, detailed and saw our vision! Friendly and easy to talk to! I will definitely be telling my friends and family about his company. Thank you again, Joel!! You are awesome!!!"
Chad & Tammy Entwistle
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"When my wife & I finally found The Blind Draftsman we’d approached with a project what we felt was a little out of the normal. Without hesitation he stepped in, drew up plans and made things happen. Design features were spot on with our liking. Joel is super easy to talk with and most importantly I think he understands we didn’t know all the proper building terms. The Blind Draftsman walked through and broke down everything we needed. We feel The Blind Draftsman went out of his way to get plans approved. Thanks Blind Draftsman, we are hopeful to do another project with you in the near future."
Nick Coleman
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"The proficiency of the Blind Draftsman allowed my ideas to go digital. I was extremely pleased with both the quality of work & efficiency. We received full construction drawings for permit and 3D modeling. Give Joel a call!"
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